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Agenda item

23/02558/S73, Clover Court, Bushey Drive


Rebekah Orris, Planning Officer, introduced the application for variations of conditions 6 (fenestration changes), 7 (garage cladding above stone plinth with timber), 15 (soakaway location variation for Plot 4 garage, accessway drainage amendment), 16 (solar panels on plots1,2 and 3 and to the garage roof of plot 4, air source heat pumps, accessway routing changes, Plot 3 location change, Plot 4 garage location change, first floor layout alterations, side and rear elevation alterations for house designs 1 and 2), 11 (bird and bat box details), 12 (landscaping details), and 14 (lighting details) of planning permission 21/01963/RES. (Part retrospective). (Amended drainage and description).


A statement was read out by Max Thompson, Senior Democratic Services Officer in Councillor Alaric Smith’s absence.


Councillor David Waghorn of Clanfield Parish Council, addressed the Sub-Committee, which raised points of clarification of the retrospective application and how enforcement issues would be dealt with. Concerns were raised that this application could set a precedence as the site was already built as well as the provision for drainage on the site. The plot location changes, which the Planning Officer confirmed was a plot re-orientation not moved due to accessibility to the plot.


Rob Stewart, applicant, addressed the Sub-Committee, which raised the following points of clarification surrounding the retrospective element of the application. The applicant confirmed that legislation allowed change to the application as long as it complied with planning policy. There were no objections from the Drainage Officer and confirmed that the driveways would be gravelled to help with drainage.


The Planning Officer continued with their presentation which clarified the following points:

·         The notable changes were to garages, duel pitched roof to match surrounding dwellings;

·         The changes would be well incorporated into the site and set away from the village of Clanfield, and not visible from the village;

·         The proposed solar panels that would be added to the garage roof would not protrude outwards and would only be visible from the property’s garden;

·         The first-floor windows in south elevation of plot 1 and the south-eastern elevation of plot 4 would not open and glazing would be obscured but would still allow opening;

·         Wording of Condition 6 (first floor windows) would reflect the changes made;

·         Drainage aspect of the application was not retrospect. The part of the accessway that was completed had been constructed to approved details. This application proposed to amend the accessway construction to the shared access of Bushey Drive only, these new details had been approved and there were no objections from the Drainage Officer. 




The Chair then invited the Sub-Committee to discuss the application, which raised the following points:


·         Clarification on drainage – the Planning Officer brought the Sub-Committee’s attention to the site map with the updated information which highlighted the amendments concerning the drainage;

·         The Sub-Committee raised concerns that the Drainage Officer had made no objections to the application, and how would there be certainty that the conditions were being adhered to.  Phil Shaw, the Development Manager, suggested that condition 14 be amended to advise that any issues regarding drainage be brought back to the Planning team.


Councillor Andy Goodwin proposed that the application be approved in line with officer recommendations, with the word ‘Solely’ in condition 14 added, with an understanding that any changes would need to be agreed prior to implementation.

This was seconded by Councillor Lysette Nicholls, was put to a vote, and was agreed unanimously by the Sub-Committee.


The Sub-Committee Resolved to:


1.    Approve the application, in line with officer recommendation.

2.    Amend  Condition 14 -The surface water drainage scheme shall be solely implemented in accordance with the following approved details prior to the first use of the dwellings herby approved and shall “soley” be retained as such thereafter, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) prior to implementation. :


·         Drainage Strategy (Drawing BD13)

·         Surface Water Exceedance Flows (Drawing BD14)

·         Accessway Areas (Drainage) (Drawing BD15)

·         Accessway Area A Cross Section (Drainage) (Drawing BD16)

·         Accessway Area B Cross Section (Drainage) (Drawing BD17)


REASON: To ensure the proper provision for surface water drainage and to ensure flooding is not exacerbated in the locality (The Cotswold Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, National Planning Policy Framework and Planning Practice Guidance).