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Agenda item

Application for Development - 23/02890/FUL - 1 Upper Brook Hill, Woodstock.


To consider applications for development, details of which are set out in the attached schedule.



That the application be determined in accordance with the recommendations of the Business Manager – Development Management.



Application No.


Planning Officer



1 Upper Brook Hill, Woodstock.


James Nelson





Councillor Jeff Haine took up the position of Chair to preside over the application for development, in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair and having been elected by the Committee to preside for this agenda item.


James Nelson, Planning Officer, introduced the application, for the proposed construction of a single dwelling, together with associated works.

The Planning Officer drew the Sub-Committee’s attention to the additional representations report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting.

Dennis Allen addressed the Sub-Committee as the applicant.


The Planning Officer continued with their presentation, which clarified the following points:

  • In line with WODC Local Plan Policy H2 the new dwelling would be permitted as it was in accordance with other policies particularly OS2 and as a result the principle of the development on this site was acceptable.
  • Scale and Design of the dwelling complimented the parent dwelling above the site. The upper floor had a smaller footprint than the ground floor. The design was not considered bulky or the site over developed;
  • Conservation Area - There was no harm to the heritage and designated assets. There were no planning harms in relation to highways and ecology matters. The site came within the Woodstock conservation area and was beside locally listed cottages. The site and design would complement nearby contemporary developments;.
  • Flooding Risks were considered low as the site was located in Flood Zone 1. The Drainage Officer had requested that the applicant show how surface drainage water would be managed and how this would impact on third parties. As per the officer’s report this would be covered by a pre-commencement surface water drainage condition.
  • Amenity of Neighbouring Properties –. The site was set back and did not materially impact amenities or local properties and did not overlook or cause loss of light. A condition for a Traffic Management plan was included in the officer’s report to help mitigate the disturbance to neighbours whilst the site was under construction;
  • Efficient Use of Land – The parking space and refuse storage site was integrated into the design. The design was not considered bulky or over developed. The Planning Officer recommended the application for approval.




The Chair then invited the Sub-Committee to discuss the application, which raised the following points:

  • Members raised concerns regarding the size and scale of the development when viewing the building next to the parent building and felt that it could be seen as overbearing.  The Planning Officer confirmed to differentiate between the two buildings different coloured renders would be used. The massing had been reduced as the site had been cut into the hill. The Conservation Officer had worked with the applicant through the pre-application process to address any conservation design concerns. The Conservation Officer had found no to harm to the character and conservation within the area;
  • Comments received from Woodstock Town Council – The proposed dwelling was considered to not be in keeping with other dwellings within the locality of the proposed site, however due to the parent building and other more modern buildings in the area it did reflect the heritage and more modern designs nearby.
  • Use of staircase to the left of the proposed site – The stairs would provide access to a private amenity space within the site of the proposed dwelling site. There would be no loss of biodiversity as the amenity grassland was of low ecological value;
  • Flooding concerns were covered by a standard condition.  
  • Proximity of the dwelling to the road line – highways had been consulted and had raised no objections;
  • Locally Listed Buildings – Woodstock was a traditional town, however it had allowed previous applications with more contemporary modern designs which was reflected in the surrounding area.


Councillor Dean Temple proposed that the application approved, in line with officer recommendations. This was seconded by Councillor Rosie Pearson, was put to a vote, and was agreed unanimously by the Sub-Committee.


 The Sub-Committee Resolved to:

  1. Approve the application, in line with officer recommendations.


Councillor Julian Cooper returned to the room and retook the position of Chair for the remainder of the meeting.

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