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Agenda item

Questions by Members

The following questions have been submitted by Members of Council to Members of the Executive, in accordance with the Council Procedure Rules (Constitution Part 5A, Rule 12).

Oral responses will be provided at the meeting.

Following receipt of the answer to their question, Members are entitled to ask one supplementary question at the meeting. The Questions and Answers will be detailed in the minutes of the meeting.


Q1. Councillor Andrew Lyon to Councillor Joy Aitman, Executive Member for Stronger, Healthy Communities:

In July 2018, the previous administration voted to transfer the freehold of Unterhaching Park, in Witney Central ward, to Witney Town Council. It never materialised.

At the Executive meeting in June 2023, my fellow ward representative, Councillor Andrew Coles, asked for an update on the timeframe for transfer and was told that it was 'imminent'. Could I ask the Executive Member when the transfer will be happening please?


Q2. Councillor Thomas Ashby to Councillor Andy Graham, Leader of the Council:

Witney Buttercross Scout Group is one of the largest Scout Groups in the country with over 400 young people from the ages of 4-18. During this year, members of the Groups Trustee Board have engaged the Estates and Asset Team, as well as the Leader of the Council to try and explore pieces of land in Witney and the surrounding area which could be used for camping and outdoor activities.

However, discussions have so far not progressed. Please can the Leader of the Council ask relevant officers to engage with members of the trustee board at Witney Buttercross Scout Group, to see if suitable land can be identified for the use of Witney’s young people?


Q3. Councillor Jane Doughty to Councillor Joy Aitman, Executive Member for Stronger, Healthy Communities:

I am pleased that after the hard work of local residents and councillors, planning applications for the shops and sports pavilion have been approved on Windrush Place. As part of the Section 106 contributions, there is a significant fund for an adventure play area, which would be of great benefit, not only to young people in my ward, but also the rest of the town.

Please can the Executive Member for Stronger, Healthy Communities confirm how much S.106 contributions there are, and can they work with officers to ensure that this project begins in the next financial year?


Q4. Councillor Jane Doughty to Councillor Joy Aitman, Executive Member for Stronger, Healthy Communities:

In July, the Executive Member confirmed that the District Council held regular meetings to ensure that the land for a Multi-Use Games area in Deer Park. Please can the Executive Member provide an update about how the progress is going and whether land will be transferred to Witney Town Council in early 2024?


Q5. Councillor Michele Mead to Councillor Lidia Arciszewska, Executive Member for the Environment:

At the last Executive meeting on 15 November 2023, you collectively agreed to raise the price of fly-tipping fines to the maximum levels allowed. I fully support this decision as like most of us, fly-tipping is in the top things complained about from residents. How many reported fly-tipping incidents in the last year have we successfully fined?


Q6. Councillor David Cooper to Councillor Geoff Saul, Executive Member for Housing and Social Welfare:

Could the Executive Member confirm how many residents are recorded as homeless in West Oxfordshire?, and how does this compare to years 2020, 2021 and 2022?


Q7. Councillor Alex Wilson to Councillor Andrew Prosser, Executive Member for Climate Change:

What plans does this Council have to install more Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging facilities in West Oxfordshire for the year 2024??


Q8. Councillor Dean Temple to Councillor Tim Sumner, Executive Member for Leisure and Major Projects:

The Government, via Sport England, has awarded this council £354,000 for Witney, Chipping Norton and Carterton Leisure Centres. Can you confirm how this extra funding will now be spent?


Q9. Councillor Martin McBride to Councillor Andy Graham, Leader of the Council:

Please could the Leader confirm how much this administration has spent having Executive meetings on tour, including the cost of venues, travel and officer time?


Q10. Councillor Liam Walker to Councillor Geoff Saul, Executive Member for Housing and Social Welfare:

The Executive Member has the responsibility of neighbourhood policing in West Oxfordshire. Can he confirm if he’s met with policing teams in the District, and what work is being done between the police and this Council as a result of these meetings?


Questions by Members, as listed on the agenda, and the responses to those questions, which were circulated in advance, were taken as read.


The Chair invited the questioners to ask a supplementary question if they wished and then invited the relevant Executive Members to respond.


The Written Questions, Written Answers, Verbal Supplementary Questions and Verbal Supplementary Answers are detailed in a separate document appended to the Minutes of the Meeting.

Supporting documents: