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Agenda item

Participation of the Public

Anyone who lives in the district or who pays council tax or business rates to the Council is eligible to read a statement or express an opinion at this meeting. You can register to speak by sending your written submission of no more than 750 words to

[email protected] by no later than 10.00am on the working day

before the meeting.


Councillor Ross Macken, Chair of Eynsham Parish Council, addressed the Committee and raised the following points;

  • The importance of preserving the character of the village of Eynsham;
  • A perception that the addition of two new areas of development were ill-judged, and were a quick fix to deal with any potential legal challenges from landowners;
  • The Parish Council requested that the term ‘about 1000 homes’, be modified to read ‘maximum of 1000 homes’ for the avoidance of doubt.
  • Concerns about vehicle access to potential development sites as the addendum would not conform to the previously agreed planned vehicle access;
  • How the areas in the addendum would be integrated into the rest of the development.


The Parish Council also raised two additional points;

  • Request for the provision of a burial ground in the Masterplan, due to limited capacity with 12 months remaining of the current site.
  • Request that the Masterplan should define a form of stewardship of the shared assets and green spaces.


Councillor Macken concluded by requesting that the Committee reject the addendum, and ask that developers prepare a new version addressing the points raised, before conducting a full consultation with the residents of Eynsham.


The Chair invited the Committee to ask any questions for clarification.


Councillor Al-Yousuf asked for clarification on comments regarding integration of spaces in the rest of the development.

Councillor Macken stated it was felt that the Masterplan was well constructed, however the Addendum did not present how the additional spaces would be integrated and felt that the spaces were ‘add-ons’.  Councillor Al-Yousuf asked if there had been further discussion with the planning department. Councillor Macken stated that the new areas had not been considered and there was no guidance on what could be potentially build on the additional land included in the Addendum.


Councillor Phil Godfrey entered the committee room at 4.09pm.


Dr Angie Titchen addressed the meeting with comments from EPIC and Green Tea community groups, stating the following points of concern:

  • A perceived lack of public consultation following a response from developers on 7 March 2023 there had been no further contact with the community or local groups;
  • Vehicle access and active travel – Concerns raised that an extensive use of the spine road and Witney Road would result in potentially long term disruption to residents.
  • Phasing – Concerns raised that the access issue was connected to phasing and the addendum had not addressed this point.
  • Climate and Biodiversity – Concerns raised that two areas of green space were potential sites for land development. Concerns also raised that the addendum was in conflict with WODC corporate priorities – The response to the climate and ecological emergencies.


Councillor Martin McBride entered the committee room at 4.20pm.


The Chair invited the Committee to ask any questions for clarification.


Councillor Rosie Pearson asked for clarification on the timings of consultation with developers, with focus on the period of late 2022.

Dr Titchen confirmed the only contact with the Parish Council and community groups received from the developers, was a letter dated March 2022 with no further contact.