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Agenda item

Service Performance Report Q4 and Review of Full Service Performance Data


To receive and review the Council’s full service, quarterly performance reports and performance data.



a)      That the Committee note the content of the reports, adding comment where appropriate;

b)      That Committee decide which reports to receive and review at the next meeting.




The Chair introduced the Service Performance Report Q4 and explained to the Committee that at the last meeting the Committee had requested a full set of Service Performance indicators. These had been produced and the Chair thanked the Officers for publishing them, however the Committee was expecting a fuller set of statistics for the Economic Service Performance Reports. Historically the Committee used to receive reports of Leisure Services, Parking, Enforcement, Planning Percentages, and Housing Statistics. The Chair requested that report suggestions to be emailed to himself by the end of July, ahead of the October 4 Committee meeting.

The Committee reflected on the performance report and discussed the following items:

·         Uncollected Council Tax;

·         Business Rate collections;

·         Only one rough sleeper recorded, Councillors complemented Officers in keeping on top of the numbers;

The Assistant Director for Resident Services to come back to the Committee with the 1.64 %, short of the target of uncollected Council Tax as a monitory value, and Business Rate collection improvement by 4% as a monetary value.


The Committee Resolved to:

1.    Request officers to bring a fuller set of reports on Economic and Social Performance Reports to the next Committee meeting set for 4 October 2023;

2.    Suggest to Officers to remove the grey smiley face on the Customer Satisfaction Dashboard;

3.    Note the Quarter 4 Service Performance Report.

Supporting documents: