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Agenda item

Receipt of Announcements

To receive any announcements from The Chairman, Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Head of Paid Service.


Expression of gratitude from the Chair

The Chair took the opportunity to thank all of the Members for their support over the past year and for helping him as he learned the role of Chair.  He stated that this support had come from cross party Members.  He acknowledged the assistance received from officers.  In particular, Councillor McBride wanted to formally thank the Chair’s PA, Mandy Smith, who had been an invaluable asset during his term of office.


Members not standing for re-election


The Chair addressed the meeting and paid tribute to the six Members of the Council not standing for re-election in May 2022.  They were:


Jake Acock

Rosa Bolger

Laetisia Carter

Derek Cotterill

Maxine Crossland

Steve Good


Councillor McBride highlighted that Councillor Crossland had been his mentor since he first joined, helped him settle in and had provided him with valued support.


Councillor Enright thanked Councillors Bolger and Carter for their contribution to the Council over their terms.  He stated that as Deputy Leader, Councillor Carter had always spoken with passion and authority, had made Councillors think and had brought fresh thoughts to the Council.  He felt there had been a change in the group dynamic and across the Chamber, thanked all those not standing for re-election and highlighted how they had all contributed in different and valuable ways.


Passing of John Grantham

The Chair announced the recent passing of former Councillor John Grantham, aged 84 years.  Members were advised that there had been a service of thanksgiving in March and Mr Grantham had been a hardworking Labour Councillor for the Chipping Norton Ward. 


Councillor Saul addressed Council and stated that it would be difficult to image Chipping Norton without Mr Grantham as he had been involved in a wide range of activities including being a trustee of the Chipping Norton Voluntary Fire Brigade Charity as well as an author of local book ‘Chipping Norton Town Hall Past and Present’.  He concluded by stating that Mr Grantham would be hugely missed.


Announcement from the Leader

Councillor Mead addressed Council and thanked all Members and officers for their hard work, support and dedication over the past year.  In particular she expressed her thanks to Giles Hughes, Frank Wilson, Elizabeth Griffiths and the Cabinet Members.  She reflected on a difficult impacted by the continuing Covid pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine.  Councillor Mead added her thanks to Councillor Crossland who had also been her mentor when she first joined the Council.


Address from Councillor Cotterill

Councillor Cotterill expressed his encouragement to the remaining members of the Council and explained how different the Council’s finances had looked when he first joined the Council.  He felt that things had improved considerably since that time but did not feel that a four year term was long enough to bring about change.  He reflected on the successful projects he had been involved in and gave Councillors an idea of the issues he would be continuing to raise.  Councillor Cotterill concluded by expressing his hope that the authority would continue to retain its identity as West Oxfordshire District Council.


In response, Councillor Coles took the opportunity to thank Councillor Cotterill, who had been Chair when Councillor Coles was first elected.  He praised Councillor Cotterill had always been polite, courteous and fair approach.