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Application for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence


To consider an application for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence.



That the Sub-Committee determines the application for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence.


The Licensing Officer, Andrea Thomas introduced the application for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence, submitted by Mr Light.


Mr Light had been a licenced driver with the Council since June 2018 and worked for Charlbury Taxis.  A copy of the application form, supporting documents and photos of the vehicle were attached as annexes to the report.  The vehicle the application related to would be over the required five year age limit, under the council’s current policy. 


Mr Light had submitted a statement at Annex C to the report explaining why he felt the vehicle make and model should be classed as an executive car and therefore classed as an exception to the five year rule.


In her introduction, the Licensing Officer advised that Mr Light had not contacted the office for advice before purchasing the vehicle.  In addition, it was not felt that this make and model fell into the ‘elite’ category of car.

The applicant Mr Light attended the hearing, and was supported by his employer Mr Sullivan.


The Chairman asked the applicant why he had not contacted the office for advice before purchasing the car. The applicant stated that he had misread the policy and thought that the age of the vehicle was within the boundary of five years because of its registration plate.  He had not realised the five years was taken from the date of registration.


The Chair also asked why the Council should defer from its policy on this occasion. Mr Light felt that the vehicle was in line with Council policy as an elite vehicle and believed it to be likened to a Rolls Royce or similar. Mr Sullivan added that the vehicle was a 2016 plate, so was still only five years old, had executive seats, separate air conditioning for rear seating, extra leg room in the rear seating area and had an extra-long body. Members noted that the vehicle was an S Class, an elite executive car.


Councillor Fenton asked for clarification on whether Mr Light was applying for the licence under the five year term or the elite classification. Mr Light felt that both categories applied on this occasion.


Mr Light confirmed that the vehicle was in the car park and invited the Councillors to view the car.  Due to the uncertainty regarding the classification of the car it was agreed that an inspection may assist the Members in reaching a decision.


The Councillors left the committee room to inspect the vehicle.


Following the inspection the Councillors returned to the Committee room and the applicant and Licensing Officer left the meeting to enable to Members to deliberate in private.


The Committee discussed the application and received advice from the Councils Legal representative, Helen Blundell.


The Councillors unanimously agreed that this particular make and model, including specifications (Mercedes-Benz Model S 350 D L AMG LINE EXECUTIVE), along with the condition of this vehicle met the Councils Elite category and therefore the licence would be approved.


Mr Light and Mr Sullivan were invited back into the room, and the Chairman announced the Committee’s decision.


The Chairman reminded the applicant that if he had contacted the Licensing Team directly before submitting the application, he would have had clear guidance on the Council’s Policy.


Resolved that the Licence be approved.

Supporting documents: