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Agenda item

Report of the Cabinet and the Council's Committees

To receive the reports of the following meetings of the Cabinet and the Council’s Committees.  Unless otherwise stated, copies are attached:

(a)         Development Control Committee

13 September 2021


(b)        Cabinet

15 September 2021


(c)         Economic & Social O&S

16 September 2021


(d)        Audit & General Purposes

23 September 2021

To follow

(e)        Environment Overview & Scrutiny

30 September 2021

To follow

(f)          Licensing Committee

19 October 2021

To follow

(g)         Cabinet

13 October 2021

To follow




The reports of the meetings of the Cabinet and the Council’s Committees held since 15 July 2021 were received.


Consideration of Planning application to redevelop the Old Mill, Kingham as a 33 bedroomed Hotel and ancillary facilities

Minute No. 04/DCC/2021/22


Councillor Levy advised that a number of Councillors had disagreed with the definition of ‘major development’ in relation to the above application and asked if this could be defined for the future.  Councillor Haine recognised that the wording was unclear and noted that this was for a number of reasons included in the National Planning Policy Framework.


Update on Community Infrastructure Levy

Minute No. 32/CAB/2021/22


Councillor Graham expressed his disappointment that this issue had been left in abeyance for so long and asked if there had been any movement from Government.  Councillor Haine agreed with the frustration felt and explained that the White Paper had been shelved, however, officers were looking at introducing an update in the next few months.


Economic & Social Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Councillor Poskitt advised that she had an amendment to make to the minutes but would raise this at the next meeting.

Councillor Carter requested that the minutes contain more detail and it was agreed to take the comment back to officers.  Further discussion was had on how officers should be referred to in the minutes, by name or role, and officers welcomed any further feedback from Members.


Councillor Leverton asked for clarification as to whether married quarters could serve as social housing.  Officers agreed to respond to him after the meeting.


Middle Barton Road Accident

Min No. 41/CAB/2021/22


Councillor Jackson asked if there had been any further update on the progress of the victim of the above road traffic accident.  He also advised that there had been a good local response following the accident and Speed Watch were supporting a bid from two parish council’s to request a 20mph speed limit from the County Council for next year’s tranche.  Councillor MacRae advised that the gentleman was at home and making progress.


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Min No. 10/ENV/2021/22


Councillor Cooper asked for clarification as to what the Allocation of Parking Funds could be used for.  In response, Councillor Al-Yousuf explained that this item had been approved and adopted on 30 September 2021.  He reminded Councillor Cooper that he had repeatedly raised this question and had been answered at the meeting in June 2021.  Councillor Coles, who had chaired the meeting in July, agreed to check his notes and get back to Councillor Cooper.

Supporting documents: