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Internal Audit Plan and Internal Audit Charter 2024/25

Meeting: 19/03/2024 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 45)

45 Internal Audit Plan 2024/25 pdf icon PDF 211 KB


To present to the Audit and Governance Committee the Internal Audit Plan 2024/25 for consideration and approval.



That the Audit and Governance Committee resolves to:

1.     Approve the proposed Internal Audit Plan 2024/25



Lucy Cater, Assistant Director, SWAP Internal Audit Services

Additional documents:


The Assistant Director of SWAP introduced the report that provided a summary of the Proposed Internal Audit Plan for 2024/25 and was included in the Annex ‘A’. The report also listed the risk-based assurance and consultancy work planned for the year. Counter fraud related audit work was included.

The report outlined a programme of work for 2024/25 as developed throughout January and February 2024 but due to the pace of change within Local Authorities, it was becoming increasingly difficult to accurately predict longer-term key organisational risks. The approach to internal audit planning recognised this through a strategic 12 month rolling plan, whereby an agile, risk assessed work plan containing key areas of coverage would be produced. The approach would ensure auditing was being conducted in the right areas, with the correct scope, at the right time.

The programme of work on at least a quarterly basis would be revisited and adjusted to ensure alignment with the changing risk profile of the organisation’s operations, systems and controls and with regard to sector risks.

The regular input of Senior Management and the Chief Financial Officer, and review of the Authority’s risk register would be considered in this process. Furthermore, the audit plan contained an element of contingency in order that the plan could remain flexible and respond to new and emerging risks as and when they are identified and may also include unannounced activity.

Concern was raised whether climate change risks were included and it was explained that these risks were on page 144 and climate change risks were considered. 

RESOLVED that the Audit and Governance Committee AGREED to:

  1. Approve the proposed Internal Audit Plan 2024/25.