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Issue - meetings

Participation of the Public

Meeting: 08/02/2023 - Executive (Item 4)

Participation of the Public

Members of the public may ask a question at a meeting of the Executive for up to three minutes on any item of business for decision at the meeting or on any issue that affects the district or its people. Members of the public wishing to speak at an Executive meeting must notify [email protected], including their name and the agenda item or topic they wish to speak on, by 2.00pm two clear working days before the meeting (e.g. for a Wednesday meeting, the deadline would be 2.00pm on the Friday before). If the topic of the question is not within the remit of the Council, advice will be provided on where best to direct the question. The relevant Executive Member will either respond verbally at the meeting or provide a written response which will be included in the minutes of the meeting.



There was no public participation at the meeting.